Through our collaboration with the Population Council, Energen WAO contributes to making a positive social-economic impact in Sierra Leone by recruiting, training and employing female energy entrepreneurs. Our energy entrepreneurs learn about innovative technologies, collect information on household energy use, craft sub-distribution plans, and help us scale our sales force to other women and women headed households.


Population Council research documents the link between population and development and explores the effect of population growth on societies, families, and individuals. The Council assists developing-country governments in identifying appropriate policies to benefit their population. This includes family planning programs to reduce unintended pregnancy and investments in girls’ education to delay age of marriage and early childbearing.


Outside of the family schools are the main place where young people learn the skills they will need to succeed as adults. Education equips girls with the tools they need to postpone sexual initiation, marriage, and childbearing. Educated women and girls earn more, and play a more active role in decisions that affect their lives. Educated women also choose to have fewer children, and those children tend to be healthier.


Energen WAO’s female agents benefit from increased opportunity, income and knowledge. Female customer-entrepreneurs, having access to power and lighting to operate businesses more productively, see increased income enabling a higher rate of education for children.