EnergenWAO Solar System Helps Local Business in Rural Sierra Leone Attract & Retain Customers

Our solar-powered lighting, mobile phone charging and utility solutions offer an environmentally safe alternative to toxic, non-renewable products. We provide high quality basic, small and medium sized power systems and appliances to households and businesses.

How a Local Bar Owner is Saving on Power and Making More Money Operating His Small Business

Now with his new solar system, including a battery for power storage, lights, TV, and other utilities, this proprietor of a small bar in rural Sierra Leone gets more energy and saves money since he no longer needs to buy diesel or petroleum. The best part is he’s actually making more money.

Before installing the new solar system he was running basic utilities on diesel and petroleum. It was expensive and he didn’t have lights or a TV. Now he has lights and TV, and generates enough power from his solar system to keep them on throughout the night.

As the only local destination to watch TV news, sports and entertainment now his customers stay longer. They buy more food and drinks. The bar has inside and outside lighting and has become the meeting place in his village. Everyone is happier. The even better news is that after he pays the solar system off in one year, then all his energy will be free.

Check out this video testimonial:

EnergenWAO is Recruiting Energy Mentors to Bring Power, Light & Utilities to the People of Sierra Leone

We’re currently deploying 1,500 solar home systems as part of our pilot project in rural Sierra Leone.  

We’re also recruiting and training new energy mentors to bring renewable energy, light and utilities to all the people of Sierra Leone.

Energy mentors collect information on household energy use, learn about innovative technologies, craft sub-distribution plans, develop and assess financial products, and give guidance on best adaptations.

We earn the loyalty of our energy mentors by immediately helping them to improve their lives.  We do that by paying a high percentage of sales to our independent agents up front.

To learn more about our job opportunities please contact:

Samuel Zoker, Managing Director

+232 88 209 971 or +232 79 519 617 (Sierra Leone)


Rapidly Improving the Lives of People in West Africa

We offer high-quality, clean energy technologies aimed at rapidly improving the lives of millions in West Africa.

Our device and services distribution platform is being built from the bottom up with well-trained local human resources that we know and who know their customers.

sales rep

Energen WAO offers the following financing programs:

Cash Sales | We distribute solar home systems through a dealer network of sales agents who are trained to do the installations.  The end-users pay in cash for their system and either take it away or arrange delivery and/or installation. 

Sales & Financing Program | This program offers financing of products over 6 -12 months leading to end-user system ownership.  A minimum down payment of 20% is required at the time of purchase.

System Lease Program | This program offers a lease option for larger systems where end-users pay a nominal upfront installation fee and continue daily, weekly or monthly payments for energy access credits. We monitor system performance, provide repair, exchange, and system upgrades services.

Offering High Quality Power Systems & Appliances to Households & Businesses

We provide high quality basic, small and medium sized 5Volt and 12Volt power systems and appliances to households and businesses.

Our solar home systems consist of long-life Lithium batteries and highly efficient DC appliances that can be integrated into micro, mini, regional and community-grids as energy consumption goes up.  

portable solar light + micro solar panel + phone charging
large solar panel + 4 lights + phone charging + small energy hub +
TV + large solar panel + 4 lights + phone charging + large energy hub +
2 large solar panels + 2 lights + 20 unit phone charging hub + large energy hub +

Currently Working on the Electrification of West Africa

We are currently working on the electrification of West Africa through the deployment of community micro-grids and nano solar home systems.

Our solar-powered lighting, mobile phone charging and utility solutions offer an environmentally safe alternative to toxic, non-renewable products.  



Our technology, social impact and finance roadmap is a product of our collaboration with local grass-root organizations, national institutions and international partners, including: Illinois Institute of Technology, Population Council, Global Off-grid Lighting Association, Angaza-Pay-As-You-Go, Renewable Energy Association of Sierra Leone, OmniVoltaic, and Union Trust Bank of Sierra Leone.

Renewable Power for Light, Phone Charging & Utilities with Flexible Pay-as-you-go Financing Plans

This is the post excerpt.

Today in West Africa expensive diesel generators, kerosene and poor-quality lanterns that use D-size batteries lasting 2-4 days are the only source of most household lighting. There’s no recycling plan. So every week millions of batteries land in the dirt near homes, and they leak heavy metals into the groundwater, which is the only source of drinking water for most villagers.

The people of West Africa spend a large percentage of their income on toxic, non-renewable sources of power. Most people can’t afford to replace diesel, kerosene and battery-powered products with solar mainly due to upfront cost.

We have a pay-as-you-go plan that’s less expensive than what they’re currently spending. We offer weekly or monthly micro payments so people can afford it. Typically our customers will own their solar home systems within 12 months or less, and benefit from getting power and light at no cost for years to come. So they can get off the addiction to dirty power.