Peter Maurer, President

Peter Maurer is a global entrepreneur based in California, USA with 20+ years of business development and finance experience. Peter, a Swiss-born architect, was instrumental in the development, financing and construction of over 30MW of utility scale solar projects in the USA and has been active for 5 years in the development of off-grid solar power and clean water solutions in Africa. Representing Nations Energen, Peter co-founded EnerGen WAO in Sierra Leone in March of 2017. His focus over the last 5 years has been building a for-profit enterprise with positive social and economic impact strategies, especially to support gender equality in developing nations. Most recently, Peter was instrumental in securing a grant from the African Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) earmarked for the rural electrification.


Samuel Zoker, Managing Director

Sam Zoker, a dual citizen of the USA and Sierra Leone, is a chemical engineer with 30 years of experience in process engineering on projects for major petroleum and petrochemical companies in the US and Middle East. Sam trained in renewable energy design, finance and project development at Solar Energy International in Peona, Colorado and at Beuth University of Applied Science in Berlin, Germany where he completed course material in MBA Renewables. Working closely with Peter, Sam was also instrumental in securing a grant from the AECF earmarked for the rural electrification in Sierra Leone. Sam is a respected citizen of Sierra Leone with family roots reaching into all Regions of the country.

Sylvia Bailor small

Sylvia Bailer, Business Manager & Accounting

Sylvia Bailor is a senior finance and office administration professional with extensive experience managing organizational budgets and an exemplary record of being accountable for the implementation and development of financial structures and administrative projects in both the public and private sectors. Sylvia has experience in operational and strategic supervision, including financial systems, budget preparation and monitoring, cash flow management, and organization support services. She is responsible for staff training as well as communicating management directives to company employees and agents.