October 2017

EnergenWAO Solar System Helps Local Business in Rural Sierra Leone Attract & Retain Customers

Our solar-powered lighting, mobile phone charging and utility solutions offer an environmentally safe alternative to toxic, non-renewable products. We provide high quality basic, small and medium sized power systems and appliances to households and businesses.

How a Local Bar Owner is Saving on Power and Making More Money Operating His Small Business

Now with his new solar system, including a battery for power storage, lights, TV, and other utilities, this proprietor of a small bar in rural Sierra Leone gets more energy and saves money since he no longer needs to buy diesel or petroleum. The best part is he’s actually making more money.

Before installing the new solar system he was running basic utilities on diesel and petroleum. It was expensive and he didn’t have lights or a TV. Now he has lights and TV, and generates enough power from his solar system to keep them on throughout the night.

As the only local destination to watch TV news, sports and entertainment now his customers stay longer. They buy more food and drinks. The bar has inside and outside lighting and has become the meeting place in his village. Everyone is happier. The even better news is that after he pays the solar system off in one year, then all his energy will be free.

Check out this video testimonial:

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