October 2017

Renewable Power for Light, Phone Charging & Utilities with Flexible Pay-as-you-go Financing Plans

This is the post excerpt.

Today in West Africa expensive diesel generators, kerosene and poor-quality lanterns that use D-size batteries lasting 2-4 days are the only source of most household lighting. There’s no recycling plan. So every week millions of batteries land in the dirt near homes, and they leak heavy metals into the groundwater, which is the only source of drinking water for most villagers.

The people of West Africa spend a large percentage of their income on toxic, non-renewable sources of power. Most people can’t afford to replace diesel, kerosene and battery-powered products with solar mainly due to upfront cost.

We have a pay-as-you-go plan that’s less expensive than what they’re currently spending. We offer weekly or monthly micro payments so people can afford it. Typically our customers will own their solar home systems within 12 months or less, and benefit from getting power and light at no cost for years to come. So they can get off the addiction to dirty power.

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